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Big size (up to 12"), ultra-abrasion, high/low temperature and corrosion resistant, and multiple length choices, Our industrial hose are ideal for industries like construction, chemical, bulk material delivery, steel mills, oil & gas, machinery and equipment manufacturing, high pressure cleaning, F&B and applications of extremely working environment.

4 cm diameter hydrochloric acid resistant hose

Versilon TLCT/WTLCT/SFTL Hose | Saint-Gobain

NOTE: Weights and outside diameter dimensions are nominal. Data given is for hose only. End fitting vs. hose pressure limitations must be considered and the lower of the two ratings must be used on asselies. • Hydrofluoric acid • Hydrochloric acid • Paint

Nickel Alloy Monel 400 Pipes And Fittings | Stainless Steel …

Acid medium: Monel400 in the concentration of less than 85% of the sulfuric acid are corrosion resistant. Monel400 is one of the few important materials in hydrofluoric acid. Water corrosion: Monel400 alloy in most water corrosion, not only excellent corrosion resistance, and pitting corrosion, stress corrosion, etc. rarely found, corrosion rate of less than 0.025mm / a.

Sethco MODEL P90 P DRUM PUMPS SEALLESS - Corrosion Resistant …

Hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, most electroplating solutions sodium hydroxide, alkaline solutions, chromic Length* Wetted (at widest point)Discharge (water at Head Gravity** Viscosity** Weight w/o Hose MODEL (in / cm) Materials Gravity**

Multi-tube connector KM | Festo Danmark

Outer diameter 2 mm Outer diameter 16 mm Outer diameter 3 mm Outside diameter 22 mm Outer diameter 4 mm Outside diameter 28 mm Outer diameter 6 mm Male thread G1/4 Outer diameter 8 mm Male thread G3/8 Outer diameter 10 mm Inner diameter 9

Non-Conductive Thermoplastic Hoses - 518C/518D | …

Parker’s Non-Conductive Hoses 518C/518D have a high density braid to handle maximum impulse life. The 518D has a nylon core material that allows for improved chemical compatibility. Hose Inside Diameter: 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13, 19, 25 mm, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8


4 All information in this alogue are given in good faith and no warranty is given or implied since in the appliion and use is beyond our control. 13 GASKET MATERIALS GASKET MATERIALS Gas LPG Gas Oil

TRCDRUM: Chemical Resistant Drum Pump

Thinner, toluene, hydrochloric acid 35%, nitric acid 35%, sulfuric acid 35%, acetic acid 35%, water-not for drinking water, gasoline, diesel & kerosene Description 21 Liter/Min Chemical Resistant …

Chlorine | Cl2 - PubChem

Chlorine is a commonly used cleaner and disinfectant. Chlorine is a potent irritant to the eyes, the upper respiratory tract, and lungs. Chronic (long-term) exposure to chlorine gas in workers has resulted in respiratory effects, including eye and throat irritation and airflow obstruction.

F Feature Article Conductivity Meter with Carbon Electrodes and …

4 English Edition No.47 June 2017 Feature Article Conductivity Meter with Carbon Electrodes and Appliion for Densitometers this sensor that can obtain hydrofl uoric acid concentra-tions and hydrochloric acid and ammonia concentrations from electrical

Tubing | Festo South Africa

Product overview of tubing for different working environments Individual lengths: Delivered in packages of 25, 50, 100, 200 500 m Individual design: print your logo and /or your part nuer

PE - Polyethylene - Chemical Resistance

PE Water Supply Pipes - Properties - Nominal pipe size, outside diameter, wall thickness, weight and working pressure Polyester - Chemical Resistance - Chemical resistance of Polyester to products like Acetic acid, Diesel oil and others

Reagents, Indiors, and Solutions

USP 35 Reagents / Reagents993 Reagents, Indiors and Solutions This section deals with the reagents and solutions re- Where a particular brand or source of a material or piece quired in conducting the Pharmacopeial and the National of equipment, or the name


• high quality, resistant hose assigned to suction and pumping of low concentrated water solutions of acids and bases, water and light chemicals with subpressure up to 0.063 MPa • applied as conduit for flow of water solutions of acids: nitric acid with concentration

Platinum wire, diam. 0.5 mm, 99.99% trace metals basis | …

General description Platinum (Pt) is a highly ductile, malleable and unreactive metal. It is resistant to corrosion and stable at high temperatures. Although resistant to hydrochloric and nitric acid, it dissolves readily in hot aqua regia to form chloroplatinic acid.


• high quality, resistant hose assigned to suction and pumping of water solutions of acids and bases with subpressure up to 0.063 MPa • adapted to flow of solutions of: nitric acid with concentration up to 20%, sulfuric acid with concentration up to 80%, hydrochloric acid with concentration up to 36%, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide, ammonia water solutions and light chemicals with any

Products & Services∣Pacific Electric Wire and Cable Co Ltd

As the first established electric wire and cable company in Taiwan on Apr. 14, 1950, Pacific Electric Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. (PEWC) -originally named Pacific Wire Manufacture Factory changed its name to PEWC on Dec. 30, 1957 for the purpose of broadening

Hydrofluoric acid | HF - PubChem

Hydrofluoric acid is an irritant to the mucosa of the upper and lower portions of the respiratory tract. As in ocular tissues, concentrations as low as 5 mg/L (5 ppm) may produce irritation to the nasal mucosa. When hydrofluoric acid is present in concentrations

Acid Transfer Pumps | Products & Suppliers | …

and benefits: for transferring acids and alkalis like boric acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid (diluted), phosphoric acid, One-piece molded, flexible discharge hose is 1-1/4" I.D. and constructed of Supplier alog Go To Website View Specs


• robust and resistant hose assigned to suction and pumping of water solutions of acids and bases, light chemicals and water • adapted to flow of solutions: nitric acid with concentration up to 20%, sulfuric acid with concentration up to 80%, hydrochloric acid with concentration up to 36%, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide and ammonia solution with any concentration

PP - Polypropylene - Chemical Resistance

PP (Polypropylene) is a polyolefin available in as homopolymer and co-polymer. PP has superior resistance to sulfur-bearing compounds and is capable of withstanding a wide range of corrosive and sanitary effluents. PP is more resistant to organic solvents than

PWMall-88-7560RK-Universal 8 Roller …

Polypropylene 3/4" MPT Pipe Plug Features: • Polypropylene fittings are generally acceptable for use at working pressures up to 150 PSI at aient temperatures • Polypropylene is resistant to a broad range of chemicals including most agricultural chemicals, acid

NON-VOLATILE ACIDS (Sulfuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid) 7908

NIOSH Manual of Analytical Methods (NMAM), Fifth Edition NON-VOLATILE ACIDS (Sulfuric Acid and Phosphoric Acid): METHOD 7908, Issue 1, dated 20 May 2014 - Page 2 of 5 REAGENTS: 1. Water, deionized (DI), ≥18 MΩ-cm resistivity 2. Sodium carbonate

Cord water transprtation rubber hose-letone single

LT788 Sand Blasting Hose LT781 SAE 100R3-Oil Resistant Rubber Hose LT782 SAE 100 R4-Hydraulic Suction Rubber Hose LT 783 SAE 100R5-Hydraulic Rubber Hose LT784 SAE 100R6 Oil Hose LT785-Compressed Air Hose LT 786 Wire Steam Hose


hydrochloric acid. Hose Master’s ChlorSafeTM asselies are manufactured in compliance with the Chlorine Institute Pamphlet 6, Appendix A, latest edition and offer several distinct advantages over existing products. ChlorSafe TM Features • Hose Master’s

Metal Coating Malaysia, GEOMET, DACROMET, hodic …

Experiment example : Hydrogen erittlement of hose clamp. Material: 1065 carbon steel Diameter of wire: 2.32mm Inside diameter: 1/2inch (12.7mm) Heat treatment: Concersion point 893 Oil hardening temperature 315-427 Hardness: Rc53

PECTINS - Food and Agriculture Organization

Total insolubles (%) = [(M 2 - M 1)/S] x 100 Galacturonic acid and Degree of amidation Weigh 5 g of the sample to the nearest 0.1 mg, and transfer to a suitable beaker. Stir for 10 min with a mixture of 5 ml of hydrochloric acid TS, and 100 ml of 60% ethanol.

S-TEN™ | Steel plate | Products | Nippon Steel Corporation

S-TEN is a sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid dew-point corrosion-resistant steel developed by Nippon Steel using proprietary technology. S-TEN exhibits the best resistance to sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid dew-point corrosion found in the flue-gas treatment equipment used with coal-fired boilers, waste incineration plants, etc.

Universal Battlemat™ Sorbent Mat - 30" x 150'' S-19489 - …

Quickly soak up oil, water, coolants and other spills. Low-lint, dimpled material is highly absorbent. Camouflaged pattern hides spills, stains and grease. Perforated every 15" and up the center. Sorbent Roll Dispenser available. ULINE offers over 30,000 boxes

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